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Ignition Repair

The ignition switch, also known as the starter switch is a part that starts the electrical system in a vehicle.  It controls the main electrical system as well as all accessories like radio and lights. In certain vehicles, it can also provide power to the solenoid starter.

Your keys are the tool for you to access mobility and freedom, without them and the vehicle they control you might not get as much done in a day.  When your ignition switch or any other part of your vehicle isn’t in proper working order your best choice is to hire a trained professional.  This will save you both time and money in the long run and get you back in the race, fast.

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When your car doesn’t start:

First thing to do is to check your car battery, if the issue is not related to the battery there is a good chance your car is not starting because of a faulty ignition switch.

If your car’s ignition switch is not functioning properly, it won’t start. The reason is that the energy flow is not directed properly.

If you are troubling with a faulty ignition switch, we can help you get rid of it. Our range of services include repair and replacement of ignition switch as well and we deliver satisfactory solutions at very economical rates.

Whether the ignition switch needs a minor repair or it requires complete replacement, we can do both in a timely and more professional manner.

Call us any time you need and our expert technician would arrive at your place as soon as possible. He will first analyze the problem and try his best to repair the switch but if it is damaged greatly, he will replace it with a new one and complete the task efficiently.


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