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How much does a locksmith cost


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How much does a locksmith cost?

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$1999Service Call
  • —– Car Lockout —–
  • 120$
  • —— Car Key Replacement —–
  • 250$ – 300$
  • —– Car Key Extraction —–
  • 150$
  • —– Ignition Repair —–
  • 270$ – 330$
  • —– Car Key Programming —–
  • 90$


$1999Service Call
  • —– House Lockout —–
  • 120$
  • —– Lock Change —–
  • starting at: 150$
  • —– Lock Rekey —–
  • (1) 75$ | (2) 130$ | (3) 180$
  • —– Lock Repair —–
  • starting at: 100$
  • —– Fresh Lock Installation —–
  • starting at: 150$

* (x) = Number of locks. ** Discount valid to 31/12/18.

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Need your lock(s) rekeyed or replaced? Our San Francisco Locksmith is ready! From home to office, storage, auto, and other commercial needs, the company has technicians available 24/7 to meet your every need. Perhaps you need lock repairs (either major or minor), or just moved in and want to stop previous key holders from gaining access. Perhaps you’ve had some security issues, or know someone who has – or perhaps you’re being cautious to prevent such things. No matter the reason, Our San Francisco Locksmith takes your safety seriously. The company will work quickly and tirelessly to have proper locks back in place as soon as possible, or rekeyed locks to prevent old key-holders from entering.

Why You Shouldn’t Trust a Quote Online or over the Phone?

The first piece of information we want for any repair is cost; yet, a quick online search will tell you that finding clear prices online for reliable locksmiths is near impossible.

Finding data on national averages, lowest/highest costs, etc. is relatively simple. You can even find a range of overall locksmith costs, from an unrealistically-low $50 to a nausea-inducing $350.

You may be wondering, why the secrecy?

The truth is, it isn’t secrecy; it’s transparency. It’s a refusal to try to “sell” to a customer without all of the necessary information. Getting quotes online or over the phone are certainly more convenient; however, the best quote you can get online from reputable companies is a range or bare minimum. The accuracy of that figureis limited. Customers across all industries point to the same qualities they most want to see in businesses: honesty or transparency. If a customer is given an initial price of $80 and the total after inspection is $170, the customer will likely feel as though the company has been dishonest, and end any potential future relationship.

  • Reasons online/phone estimates go wrong:
    • Customer/dispatcher misunderstandings
    • Customer may not recognize more subtle aspects of issues
    • Trained professionals need to inspect the equipment before giving a final quote
    • Each project is different, and costs change based on identified needs.

Based on this, we caution you – consider any quote you get online or over the phone for locksmith services as an average starting point, and if a company starts to become less clear about financial aspects of the service, switch companies!

Well known for trustworthiness, our locksmith will give you the peace of mind you need in handling lock repairs, rekeying locks, and replacing locks for home and commercial use.