What is The Safest Place To Hide Spare Key

Hide Spare Key – Preview Article

Hide Spare Key of your home, office, car or any other place need to be something to think about.

In this articles we will give you tips where not to hide your spare key and the most important where to hide and why to hide is those places.

Hide Spare Key – What Not TO DO:

First Of All, don’t tell people you dont trust where is your key.

And hide the spare key not in places like plant or something like this.

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Hide Spare Key – What TO DO:

Hide Spare Key | What is The Safest Place To Hide Spare Key | how to hide spare key | Spare Key | Locksmith Spare KeyAfter we tell you what not to do, now this the part to tell you what to do and how to hide your spare key.

A First Option:

Consider keeping a key in a lockbox that’s hidden somewhere on your property.

Instead of putting the spare in plant, try hiding your key in a lockbox behind some vegetation.

A Second Option:

Also you can to don’t hide it, give it to someone you trust.

Remember, only give a spare key to someone you know and trust!!!

It’s not smart to give your spare key to a new neighbor or other new person in your life.

That because a key can duplicated and fall into the wrong hands.

A third option:

Also you can find good places to hide it (not the most good choise number one and two are better)

If you have vinyl siding, you may be able to find a lip where you can put your spare key.

Also you need to remember not to do this close to the front of your house or office

You can also get a fake rock and put it in or under that.

Just remember to put it with other rocks so that it doesn’t stand out.

If you own an out building or shed, there’s a lot of places within the structure that you can hid your key.

After all the options we give you in this article we hope you will find the right place to hide your spare key!

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What is The Safest Place To Hide Spare Key
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