How Key works in Your Car?

How Key Works in Your Car – Introduction

How key works in your car is an article that will explain you in the simplest way how the key in your car work.

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Most of the cars created in the most 50 years have had some alternative for keyless section.

This turning out to be more mainstream.

Be that as it may, how these remote keys work?

Also, how can it know not open the entryways on your auto?

All this kind of questions we will answer in this article.

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How Key works in Your Car – The Technical Basis

Inside any key have a short-range radio transmitter which works up to about 20 meters away.

Your car key is like the one used to open many garage doors or for electronic locks.

The transmitter in the key sends a signal with a code that open your car.

If the code matches the code at the receiver, then the receiver activates the mechanism.

The mechanism is like lock that close your car after he get the signal he allow you to open the door in your car.

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How Key works in Your Car – Active Keys & Passive Keys

How key works in your car - how car remote key works | lost my car keysActive remote entry keys have been around since the 1990s, and work in the most simple way.

When you press a button, a transmission sent a code and a command matching the button.

The transmission signal spreads out in all directions.

This is why your key can pointed any direction to open your car.

Now you maybe ask yourself how this open just my car and not someone else car?

To make sure that no other cars opened.

The transmitter and receiver linked to have corresponding codes.

The receiver will only work if it comes with the right code.

Passive remote entry keys have been around since the 1997s.

Their most popular name is smart keys.

These more recent additions to the keyless entry lineup.

The smart keys can allow commands without having to press a single button.

The low-frequency antennas that spread out around the car produce a magnetic field around the car.

Also key “deceive” itself stays in a sleep mode that keeps a low power detector active.

When the LF field around the car detected, the key switches on and begins transmitting the code.

The various receiving wires get that transmission.

This can use the varying signal strengthens to find where the key is, such as next to the door or in the driver’s seat.

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How Key works in Your Car – Key Encryption

How key works in your car - Car Keys | passive keys | active keysEncryption is an important concern for keyless entry.

Also you need to know that encryption is a way to hide your code, or like a maze that help you save the key combination.

The security have to be strong. because you don’t want someone receive the transmission from the key.

Ask yourself if you want someone to duplicate your car keys?

I am sure you don’t want someone gain access to your car.

Each car manufacturer has its own method for encrypting their keys.

But the most popular encryption is 128-bit encryption.

That means that the code key is 128 characters long.

So if someone want to know your code key he have more than 339 decillion combinations.

If that weren’t difficult enough, the encryption done on a changing or rolling basis.

The receiver and transmitter synced with a unique program

This program generates random new key every time.

This rolling and changing encryption is the key to achieve security.

How Key works in Your Car – Need Keys For Your Car?

How key works in your car - lost my car keys

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How Key works in Your Car?
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