when should i call locksmith service?2018-05-31T12:23:16+00:00

Whenever you need one! Prolocksmiths are available 24/7, 365 days a year. Call us anytime for all your lock issues.

How long does it take an auto locksmith to open my car?2018-05-31T12:22:29+00:00

The process can be completed in a matter of minutes in most cases. This may vary if your locking mechanism is particularly complex.

Can the locksmith program transponder key?2018-05-31T12:21:35+00:00

Our technicians are fully trained in key reprogramming!

Does a 24 hour emergency lockmith cost more than a standard service?2018-05-31T12:20:28+00:00

We operate a mobile only service – meaning all our rental savings are passed on to you, the customer. The two service rates are the same.

I have lost the key to my house what shold i do?2018-05-31T12:24:18+00:00

Call Prolocksmithing-24/7 and we will send an engineer to assist you. We can even provide you with a new house key, meaning you have no need to worry whatsoever.

What is the different between rekey and master keying?2018-05-31T12:25:10+00:00

A lock rekeying involves changing the pins inside a lock. A Master Keying refers to the group of pins referred to as master pins. A Master Keying requires these to be reset too, whereas a rekey does not.

Will my lock still work after you open it?2018-05-31T12:25:52+00:00

We use cutting edge technology to provide you with a new key, so your problem is solved in a timely and efficient manner.

Why shold i use proffesional locksmith?2018-05-31T12:27:18+00:00

A professional locksmith can repair a lock before it breaks, can provide a new lock and comes with all the legal guarantees that you simply would not find from an amateur.

Can a broken lock be fixed or should it be replaced?2018-05-31T12:26:28+00:00

A broken lock can be fixed but this is very dependent upon damage. Some locks are repairable, others are not.

Are you a licensed bonded and insured locksmith?2018-05-31T12:27:58+00:00

Absolutely! Here at Prolocksmiths-24/7 we are fully qualified, trade certified locksmiths, so you can be sure your security is in good hands!

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