Car Key Replacement

To understand how the service of car key replacement work we need to know what type of keys we have – the first type is Non-Transponder chip

these keys were in the olden days, they were just simple iron keys that you can easily go to the hardware store and get one cut based on the car model. as the technology evolved and higher security was required the transponder chip was invented.

the transponder chip is the second type of keys and you can find them as regular transponder chip keys or remote key fob. Transponder keys provide extra security to your car. They contain small smart chip inside them which is used to authenticate the original car keys or the duplicated car keys if you ever replaced your keys with a locksmith or dealership.

Non-Transponder Chip

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Car Key Replacement Dealership VS Locksmith

if you know a good locksmith it’s always the best option for car key replacement! locksmiths are usually chipper and most of them are mobile – they will replace your car keys in your place and do it quickly. you do not need to tow your car for certain of time as you need when you hire a dealership service.

don’t worry if you lost your keys! both dealership and locksmith can replace any type of car keys. but don’t forget to contact them before to make sure the keys available in stock.

as mentioned before it’s very important to hire a good locksmith! not all keys have programmed the same technic, there are smart keys that require higher understanding and specific machine to programme them so when you contact your local locksmith make sure he knows your vehicle make and model and he certified to replace these type of keys.

Transponder Chip

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Compare prices of a car key replacement

the price for car key replacement depending on the vehicle brand and keys design – Non-transponder keys are always chipper then transponder keys for the reason you save the cost of the additional components and the needs of programming.

luxury vehicles require higher security, therefore it’s more complex to replace those car keys and they are relatively more expensive.

According to Consumer Reports, If you lose the key and fob, “you can expect a dealer car key replacement and programming to cost $200 or more, depending on the vehicle and the key’s design. A Lexus dealer quoted $374 for a new key, fob, and programming, and a BMW dealer said replacement key-less fobs could be as much as $500, depending on the model.”

for locksmith car key replacement you can use prolocksmiths-24/7 online pricing tool which will show you the price for any given car make, model and year.

I can buy the keys online! Why I need a locksmith or dealership service?

right! you can buy the keys online but those keys are only key block they pre-cut and pre-programmed keys which mean they are useless without a dealership or locksmith will activate them.

if you know for sure which keys your vehicle operate and you are not short in time it can be a good decision to buy the key online and hire a locksmith to programme or cut them, it will not make a big difference in the price but it can save you a couple of bucks.

Duplicate keys! when & why?

if you lost your car keys but still have the spare we suggest to duplicate your keys soon as possible so you don’t need to start from scratch when you lost the spare keys.

it’s much chipper to duplicate keys so make sure you have them before you call your local locksmith.

Can a locksmith make a new car key without the original?

absolutely! a reputable locksmith can replace your car keys even if you’ve lost your original keys. a bonded locksmith have the access for car key codes and the process done by a machine designed to programme the car keys.

this process is based on the make, model and year of your vehicle + the VIN(identifier number) of your vehicle. If you’re not sure what is the VIN don’t worry the locksmith technician will find for you on-site.

What if your keys have been stolen?

If you believe your keys have been stolen It’s very important to inform the locksmith about it so he can reprogram the key in such a way that the old keys will no longer work.

transponder car keys replacement

if you need a transponder car key replacement in most cases you can choose between regular keys and remote keys.

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